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Hair Removal
w/ Wax


Men are simple, to the point, and uncomplicated. Our menu is straight forward, fun, and easy to book. Use the links below to either text your request or see our live openings by viewing our booking links which will fully describe or services and what is included. Whatever way is best for, we have you covered. No deposits are required for online bookings. 

The Full Waxing Menu

View our waxing menu below then text us to book your waxing services at the link above or book directly online using the full wax menu booking links below. 

13+ years' experience waxing men and their intimate areas matters.


Our number one booked wax service

"The Jungle Wax"-Bro-Zilian
Several Options

We offer a numbing mask for our 1st timers. It is highly recommended. We will remove as little or as much hair as you like in the "Intimate areas". Total time is approximately 30-45 minutes depending on if you want to remove everything or not. 

Our number one booked service

The Pre-Brazilian Wax Australian-Facial is a specialized service that prepares the skin in the pubic region and buttocks before for a wax service by addressing common concerns such as clogged pores, dark spots, and ingrown hairs. This comprehensive treatment includes exfoliation, a treatment mask, steam cleansing, and a skin consultation specific to the region. Skintag, dark spots, and scarring treatments are available at an extra fee. 

This is a professional service performed by a licensed aesthetician. It's focus is on skin health, elimination of dead skin and ingrown hairs, and odor control by eliminating bacteria with our proprietary blend of anti-bacterial products. 

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Get The "Slicky Ricky VIP Wax" 
(Women's Pick for their guys)


Experience the ultimate VIP treatment with The Sexy Slicky Ricky VIP Wax! It's what women want for their guys. Comes with a full male Brazilian wax that includes the bottom crack, buns, tummy, upper thigh, and full back for a smooth and sleek finish.

Book online through our online booking links where you can see real time openings and prices or text us your full name, email, and requested service, date, and time and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

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