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Erectile Dysfunction?
Get QuadFecta

1st 2-Hr Session Only $199
Only at Man Spa Club


QuadFecta is the most comprehensive holistic approach to erectile dysfunction in the United States. We provide an entire overhaul to your entire body, not just down under. 

We look at the root of the problem and how to proceed from there. Our package includes a package of health, mind, and functionality that will improve not just your issues with sexual health, but with an array of other issues that may be forming based on your diet, your thoughts, and your activity level. 

1st step: Download our document below to read about erectile dysfunction and the treatments that are available. It is very important that you know what is involved and what to expect. 

2nd step:  Review our diet foods to eat and what to avoid. Get started with this right away. 


3rd and final step: Book your 1st QuadFecta session at Man Spa Club here. 


About the QuadFecta

A Holistic Approach to E.D. 

Download our Erectile Dysfunction Overview now. It will provide you with a detailed outline as to what is involved with your holistic treatment plan "QuadFecta" at Man Spa Club. There is not a more comprehensive program available. 


Your diet plays the biggest role in your erectile dysfunction concerns. As a natural health practitioner, April Singh addresses this first and foremost.


Want everything in your body to work properly? Are you drinking enough water? Rule of thumb: Drink half of your body weight in ounces per day. 

Toxins, Heavy Metals, Digestion Issues effect E.D.:

Having a body that is not in toxic overload is not only important for your overall wellbeing, health, and longevity, it is critical to the function of all of your organs including your sexual organs. The first step to any treatment or health concern is to cleanse the body so we have a base to start from. We include a 1.5 detox session at the 1st and 6th session of your E.D. Treatment package. You may also come in specifically for the detox session to discuss the full E.D. Treatment and to get your body where it needs to be for your better overfall health. 

Book one of our Detox Sessions Now:


Detox Packages Bookings:


Your E.D.= Your Part

Your diet is critical when it comes to your erectile dysfunction improvement.

Simple thing... If you want to see changes, you need to make changes. 

April Singh has provided you with the following to help you jump start your road to better sexual health. Start today. Incorporate and eliminate based on what is listed in these documents. 

Schedule your free phone consultation today by calling (480) 717-1782 or book your 1st 2 hour session at Man Spa Club

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